A Journey

My name is Claire de Bézenac and I am the designer and creator of Silverwood® jewellery. Our aim is to create beautiful, natural, honest jewellery, responsibly sourced and hand crafted. 

It has taken us close to 2 years to bring our collections to life, through trial and error, testing, redesigning, patiently crafting and finishing. But we believe in what we do.

I’ve been inspired by strong, confident women who love to express themselves through their fashion choices, looking for products that are beautifully designed, tactile, authentic and high quality. 

That’s why we are passionate about creating exceptional jewellery pieces that are luxurious and elegant, whilst pushing the boundaries a little, embracing individuality in a beautiful way, and close to nature. 

A big thank you to all who have supported me along the way and to an amazing team of skilled craftsmen and jewellers who have made it possible.

I hope you’ll find something here you love.

Thank you for your visit.

Claire de Bézenac