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woman planting trees in reforestation project with onetreeplanted and silverwood jewellery

Our Green Commitment: Helping to Plant a Sustainable Future

Every piece of Silverwood Jewellery sold is one more tree planted. This week we planted some trees. Though our contribution may be small, we are grateful to be part of an impactful tree-planting initiative, made possible with the unwavering support of our customers. As some of you know, we suppor...
why we say no to black friday at Silverwood jewellery

Embracing Sustainable Values: Why We Don't Do Black Friday

In a world dominated by fast fashion and rampant consumerism, at Silverwood Jewellery, we don’t take part in Black Friday. Through this we aim to consistently align our values with sustainability, ethical craftsmanship, and a commitment to slow fashion. Here’s a few reasons why events like Black ...
silverwood jewellery at the gnccf in manchester

We will be at the Great Nortern Contemporary Craft Fair

Exciting news! Silverwood Jewellery is thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, alongside 200 other talented artists and makers from around the UK. The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair has long been a renowned platform for artisans and c...
contemporary silver jewellery by silverwood

What Should We Expect From Contemporary Jewellery?

In a world where fashion is ever-evolving, jewellery becomes an important constant that is always finding ways to bring even more personality and elegance. Contemporary jewellery emerges as a quiet but visible player in fashion, with its nod to modernity, minimalism, and elegance. But what is con...
A Shopping Guide and Brand Roundup

A Shopping Guide and Brand Roundup

Living a sustainable life brings a multitude of benefits that extend beyond personal fulfilment to positively impact our planet and future generations. Embracing sustainable fashion and ethical jewellery is a fantastic way to contribute to this noble cause. Picture this: by opting for sustainable...

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