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Choose your wood


Here is a simple guide to help you choose the right wood and colour for you:



The colour will vary depending on each piece of wood but in general you can expect a deep grey brown colour.  We absolutely love this wood even if it is quite tricky to work with sometimes. The sheen is amazing! We sand it down numerous times and polish it with carnauba wax for a slick finish.


Bubinga is a beautiful hard wood that is red in colour. It is definitely one of our favourites. It has a rather simple grain but is absolutely gorgeous when finished with natural plant based wax. The rich shade of redish brown stands out and will perfectly suit almost any outfit or skin tone.


This is a simple light-coloured wood which is usually a unique shade of beige. However, there is nothing boring about this wood. It can include a soft but  interesting grain with tinges of grey and sometimes black. We think it is rather sophisticated and unusual, polishing up beautifully.

 silverwood jewellery small wood beads

Our smaller beads offer similar colours but feature different woods:

Our smaller beads come from leftover bits of wood used in furniture making, pieces which would otherwise have been discarded. With us they find a second life as components in a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Black: We have black beads made from Tiger Kamagong, an extremely dense hardwood. This wood is grown in the Philipines and is protected there to make sure it is sustainably harvested.

Red: Our red beads are made from Bayong. Bayong is a hardwood with similar properties to mahogany and is grown in countries like Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.

Light: Our light beads are made from a common type of wood in the Philippines locally called Ambabawod. This wood works nicely for our small beads offering an extremely light grain.

Please remember that every piece of wood is slightly different. This means every single piece of jewellery will be unique to you. This is the beauty of using a natural material like wood. The different grains and textures, even with their tiny “imperfections”, all participate in creating something completely unique.

Silverwood handcrafted wood jewellery