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Our Woods

We think wood is truly beautiful. It still remains one of the most ecological and sustainable raw materials on the planet, if sourced correctly.

Its colour and grain are often so under-rated and under-valued. What adds to its intrinsic value especially within jewellery, sometimes made evident by its price tag, is the slow and meticulous craftsmanship needed to create a great and slick piece.

We use carefully selected hardwoods for our jewellery. These woods are excellent to work with, offer durability, and polish up beautifully.

The main woods we use are Walnut, Bubinga, and Sycamore. We’ve also chosen these specific types of woods for their amazing colours. Most of our products are created in more than one wood to offer something for everyone, every occasion, every outfit.

Please remember that every piece of wood is slightly different. This means every single piece of jewellery will be unique. This is the beauty of using a natural material like wood. The different grains and textures, even with their tiny “imperfections”, all participate in creating something exceptional, full of character and personality.

We focus on offering you the best quality we possibly can, with wood jewellery pieces that are hand crafted, hand finished and polished to be as shimmering as possible, bringing out the natural beauty of the woods.

 Need help choosing the wood for you? Here is some advice.