Caring for your jewellery

We create jewellery that is as natural as it can be and with a little care, your Silverwood® will be with you for many years to come.

We only treat our woods with natural waxes and polishes that serve to enhance their inherent character and beauty. Wood is such a wonderful material that when worn will become truly personal to you, gaining your patina as time goes on.

To ensure your Silverwood® stays beautiful, please try to keep it away from water, extreme heat, perfumes, creams, and any harsh chemicals.

We recommend polishing it with a dab of natural beeswax from time to time. Use a soft polishing cloth. Leave to dry for a few hours and then polish with a lint free cloth. This will bring back the shine which naturally diminishes after a while of being against your skin.

We hope you’ll love and enjoy your Silverwood® for a long long time!