Sustainable Creativity

We believe that when it comes to fashion, we need fewer better things, so we focus on quality and versatility. Our jewellery is bold but timeless, to be worn year after year, and matched with outfits for every occasion. 

We want every piece to be a great wardrobe "investment", with unique but stylish product that are so much more than just trendy.

With this focus on quality of design and product, we seek to promote the values of slow fashion and be part of the change needed in our habits of consumption and production.

We strive to create a business that respects the nature that inspires all we do, from our sourcing, production and packaging. We avoid the use of non biodegradable plastic, harsh polishes and chemicals. We carefully choose our woods to make sure they are ethically sourced and sustainably grown.

Our woods are polished with plant-derived carauba wax to keep our jewellery as natural as possible. This also means our jewellery is suitable for vegans.

We keep things close to home, supporting local craftsmen and small businesses. We are completely confident our jewellery is made in the best conditions possible. 

We don’t claim to be perfect but we are committed to doing all we can to create slow jewellery that is respectful to the planet and kind to people.



We have teamed up with One Tree Planted and will plant a tree for every piece of Silverwood® jewellery we sell. 


This is all part of our commitment to protect our natural resources. We aim to offer beautiful, natural, honest products, which have been responsibly sourced and created.