Responsible Creativity

Our commitment to sustainability and to our environment starts at the very beginning of the creative process. As we have chosen to use natural materials, we have to make sure that all our designs take this into careful consideration.

This means respecting the natural beauty of each material and avoiding the use of strong chemicals, glues or polishes. It takes extra time to polish our woods to such a shine using only natural waxes and oils, but we think it’s definitely worth it and we hope you’ll love the results.

We source our woods carefully too. Some of the species we use are CITES listed. This means they are actively protected worldwide. International efforts ensure these woods are harvested and grown in a sustainable way. This is crucial to us and guides the choices we make in what woods we use.

For more information on CITES look here (

We are committed to continuously find ways to mitigate any negative impact on the environment. For example, we go out of our way to limit the use of plastic, and specifically single use plastic in our production process. If absolutely necessary, we'll aim to only use biodegradable plastic. This is a small gesture but we believe these small steps are important.

We have kept our production very local as well. We have found amazing skill and craft right here in Cheshire where our jewellery is made. This helps us keep our carbon footprint in check.

Our packaging has also been carefully sourced to make sure every box is as sustainable and natural as it can be. All our boxes are made out of paper to once again avoid the use of plastic in every way we can. And if extra protection is needed during postage, we only use green bubble wrap which is biodegradable.

This is all part of our commitment to protect our natural resources which inspire all we do. We aim to offer beautiful, natural, honest products, which have been responsibly sourced and created.