A Story of Craft

The story behind your Silverwood® Jewellery - handmade in the UK

Every piece will start at the design phase. This is where an idea is conceptualised, revised and finalised to bring it to life. This always takes time.

Once a design idea has been drawn up, we present it to our skilled jewellers and work together to begin creating the first prototypes. This requires research, know-how, and great problem solving ability. Numerous solutions may need to be trialed. This is the longest and most intense phase of the development process but absolutely crucial.


For some pieces we may need to use specific software to help us visualise it more clearly and complete the smaller details. Designs are then discussed with the rest of our local craftsmen here in the UK.



We talk to our wood specialists who establish the best way to cut each piece one by one. The right wood is also carefully chosen based on strength, colour, and sustainability.


Once a piece has been cut or turned, it will then be polished by hand with natural waxes until it softly shines. This involves really getting into the detail to go after perfection.


The jewellers have the complicated job of making sure it all works perfectly together. They need to combine both materials carefully and this isn't always easy. This takes a lot of creativity and patience, with some trial and error. They then meticulously finish and polish everything by hand until we have a stunning piece of jewellery.

We only use 925 Sterling Silver and every Silverwood® piece is Hallmarked as an added sign of quality.

The whole creative process is slow and often fastidious, but never dull. We work with a great team dedicated to their craft and at the top of their game, helping us bring our ideas to life.

Then we lovingly pack your jewellery into our beautiful boxes, created to spec in order to protect each piece.

One thing you can count on - every piece of Silverwood® jewellery has been handmade and crafted with care and precision. Yes, it does take an incredible amount of time but the best things in life often do. And it is, in the end, what makes all the difference.