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A Shopping Guide and Brand Roundup

A Shopping Guide and Brand Roundup

Living a sustainable life brings a multitude of benefits that extend beyond personal fulfilment to positively impact our planet and future generations. Embracing sustainable fashion and ethical jewellery is a fantastic way to contribute to this noble cause.

Picture this: by opting for sustainable fashion, you not only adorn yourself with stylish and unique pieces, but you also reduce your carbon footprint and promote fair labour practices. It's a win-win!

That’s why I’ve always committed to building a sustainable business from the beginning. Ethical jewellery, crafted with love and respect for both the planet and people allows you to wear stunning accessories with a clear conscience. From recycled materials to responsibly sourced woods, each piece tells a story of sustainability and valued craftsmanship.


sustainable fashion advocate silverwood jewellery


By making conscious choices, we can all become trailblazers, inspiring others to join this transformative movement.

And there are many other fashion brands who have been leading the way for years now. Here are a few of my favourites:


1. Patagonia: Known for their outdoor apparel, Patagonia is a pioneer in sustainable fashion. This is a brand I truly respect. They prioritize fair trade practices, use recycled materials, and promote recycling and repair programs.

2. Everlane: This brand is committed to transparency and offers high-quality, ethically produced basics. They provide detailed information about their factories and pricing breakdowns to empower consumers to make informed choices.

3. Stella McCartney: A luxury brand you’ve no doubt heard about, Stella McCartney is a leader in sustainable fashion, and I am a massive fan. The brand champions cruelty-free materials, organic fabrics, and responsible production practices while maintaining impeccable style.

4. People Tree: People Tree focuses on ethical and Fair Trade clothing. They collaborate with artisans and farmers to create timeless pieces made from organic and sustainable materials, supporting local communities. You find simple classics here.

5. Wolf & Moon: This jewellery brand creates colourful and fun handcrafted pieces with a sustainable ethos. They produce all their pieces out of their London studio which is run entirely on renewables. I love their playful style.

6. Mejuri: The offer fine and more classic jewellery that is ethically sourced and crafted with care. They prioritize transparency, responsible sourcing, and fair pricing.

7. Matt & Nat: Matt & Nat is known for its stylish vegan leather accessories. They use materials like recycled nylon, cork, and rubber, and their designs are inspired by nature.

8. Angela Roi: This is a luxury brand that also creates vegan leather bags and accessories. They use a high-quality synthetic leather alternative that mimics the look and feel of genuine leather. The brand prioritizes sustainability and craftsmanship.

9. And then there is our very own SILVERWOOD JEWELLERY: we design pieces that incorporate silver (much of it recycled) and sustainably sourced woods, offering both unique and sustainable jewellery collections. This combination allows us to offer distinctive natural jewellery with a real contemporary aesthetic. Woods are polished with vegan waxes.

All our jewellery is handmade in the UK where we can know craftsmen are paid fairly. We only produce in small batches because we believe slow fashion is gentler on the environment and our natural resources.

We also support One Tree Planted to offset our carbon footprint and give back to the nature that inspires all we do. Learn more about our approach to sustainable production and craftsmanship here.


image for bare fashion and l'officiel magazine with silverwood jewellery

Image by Zuzu Valla, styling by Rebekah Roy, for L'officiel Scandinavia Magazine.


So, there’s no excuse. Let's dress to impress while nurturing the world we cherish – a sustainable life is the epitome of style, and a true legacy we leave for generations to come.

If it is unique and contemporary jewellery you are after, take a look at our sustainable collections. Silverwood Jewellery is truly one-of-a-kind, having found its voice and style in the beauty of natural materials, used in modern and minimalist design.