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Working with Bare Fashion

Working with Bare Fashion

We are proud to be working with Bare Fashion Magazine – from the innovators who brought us the world’s first ever fully vegan fashion show in London.

You will now find a brand new Bare Store, featuring carefully curated pieces, from independent designers and brands who focus on sustainable and respectful production. And we are proud that Silverwood jewellery is featured in these first collections.

One thing we love about it is that there is no compromise between offering stand out style and colourful fashion whilst staying true to the principals of ethical and slow fashion creation. Here you’ll find garments and accessories that are beautiful inside and out. Everything in the store is also vegan.

Do take a minute to have a look. You’ll find lots of interesting articles and interviews as well. Check out the shop and support their efforts and goals, which are ours as well, to help bring about the changes needed in the fashion industry.

Together we can all do our best, taking the steps we can - big or small, to ensure that sustainability and responsibility is at the heart of this industry we love.