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About Us

Silverwood® offers a new approach to jewellery creation, using sterling silver and sustainably grown woods, combined in a minimalist and elegant style. These simple materials are elevated by expert craftsmen, bringing the designs to life, creating pieces of wearable art.

Meet the Designer

My name is Claire de Bezenac and I am the designer and creator of Silverwood® jewellery. My aim is to design and create uniquely beautiful, natural, and honest jewellery that is responsibly sourced and handcrafted. It has taken us close to 2 years to bring our first collections to life. I’ve always been inspired by strong, confident individuals who love to express themselves through their fashion choices. I am pleased to offer them products that are beautifully designed, tactile, authentic, sustainable, and high quality. I hope you’ll join me on this journey as we all continue to promote the values of unique simplicity, quality, and responsibility. Claire de Bezenac