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A Quick Introduction to Silverwood Jewellery & Why We Do What We Do

A Quick Introduction to Silverwood Jewellery & Why We Do What We Do

My name is Claire de Bezenac, and I am the founder and designer of Silverwood jewellery.

Silverwood is a new jewellery brand and we create statement pieces for those who are looking for something unique and bold. The concept offers high end jewellery made from sterling silver and responsibly sourced wood brought together in minimalist bold designs.

The idea of Silverwood® came as I was looking for “natural” jewellery, with pieces that were sustainably made, elegant and bold. My initial plan was to curate beautiful pieces that fit the brief and style and sell those on line. I found wooden jewellery and loved it. I thought the natural aspect was inspiring and unique. But I could not find wooden jewellery with a contemporary feel and a high-end luxury finish, that only used precious metals. I knew my brand wouldn’t stand out without offering that difference.

When I found nothing to fit the description, I created Silverwood®.

claire de bezenac designing silverwood jewellery



How do we do it?

The design of the jewellery is minimalist and simple but manages to pack a punch, making a statement through these clean elegant lines, sometimes oversized beads, and the gorgeous colours of the materials. Every piece offers a sleek finish, in line with our ethos of quality and elegance. You will always be able to spot a Silverwood. Even our smallest pieces get noticed because as simple as they may be, they are unique.

I have also chosen to keep the production local, working with craftsmen and jewellers here in the North West and the UK.

Establishing this supply chain has been one of the biggest challenges. I approached a few jewellers and quickly found out this wasn’t a project for the faint hearted. I started to understand why no one was combining these 2 elements in jewellery on a bigger scale.

I finally found a jewellery team near Manchester who was up for the challenge and became an integral part of the project. It took us months to get the first prototypes finalised but we cracked it and now have something truly unique.



silverwood jewellery workshop handcrafted locally


Silverwood is about making a sustainable statement too. As a new brand, there is a wonderful opportunity to set the business up on foundations of sustainability and “slow” ethical production. This focus has always been at the heart of the Silverwood project.

We have chosen suppliers and woods that adhere to the strict CITES regulations that ensure the woods are sustainably grown and harvested, we also won’t use rare or endangered species of woods.

By keeping things close to home, supporting local craftsmen and small businesses, I can be completely confident the jewellery is made in the best conditions possible. We polish our woods with plant derived waxes or other vegan polishes.  And we’ve teamed up with One Tree Planted to replant a tree for every piece of jewellery we sell.


 for every piece of jewellery sold one tree is planted