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Silverwood Jewellery at Source Fashion

Silverwood Jewellery at Source Fashion

This month, Pure London launched its first ever Source Fashion, a space dedicated to fashion businesses that focus on sustainability.

This included suppliers of raw materials and fashion designers and brands themselves. Every one present is focused on creating fashion items that are sustainable and conscientiously crafted, whether it is through sustainable and ethical sourcing that doesn’t hurt the planet, or fair production and supply chains, or innovations that aim to limit our carbon footprint.


sustainable earrings by silverwood at source catwalk


Silverwood has been working with Bare Fashion (a Vegan Fashion platform and shop) and stylist Rebekah Roy on a few projects and we were so proud to be one of the brands featured in the catwalks that took place over the 3 day show.


silverwood long necklace sustainable at pure london


As you know, at Silverwood Jewellery we work to find ways to produce our designs in a way that is a bit more sustainable all around, from choosing to handcraft our items here in the UK to ensuring we have an ethical and fair supply chain, to being able to control the quality, and ensuring our woods are sustainably harvested and adhere to the CITES guidelines. There’s more to do but we are happy to announce that some of our silver is recycled silver now too.


summer fashion with silverwood handcrafted jewellery


We understand this approach often means a slightly higher price point but we feel this is really the only way we want to produce. Moving forward, wherever our designs are made, sustainability, quality and ethical production will always be at the heart of what we create.

Our aim is to create sustainable and ethical jewellery that is stylish bold and elegant. It’s great to see the fashion industry becoming much more aware of its responsibility and the environmental impact it generally has, finding innovative ways to implement solutions. And as consumers we of course also have our part to play.


iris earrings and necklace by silverwood jewellery handcrafted uk


Featured in the show, a few of our bold necklaces, earrings and bangles. Created from silver and wood, they looked beautiful with these outfits.


source london featuring sustainable fashion and silverwood