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why we say no to black friday at Silverwood jewellery

Embracing Sustainable Values: Why We Don't Do Black Friday

In a world dominated by fast fashion and rampant consumerism, at Silverwood Jewellery, we don’t take part in Black Friday. Through this we aim to consistently align our values with sustainability, ethical craftsmanship, and a commitment to slow fashion. Here’s a few reasons why events like Black Friday have an impact:

1. Slow Fashion Advocacy: At Silverwood Jewellery, we champion slow fashion, emphasizing quality, durability, and timeless design. Our decision to skip Black Friday encourages consumers to invest in statement jewellery pieces that transcend seasonal trends, promoting a more intentional and sustainable approach to fashion.

2. Ethical Sourcing and Transparency: We prioritize ethical sourcing and supply chain transparency, ensuring each piece is crafted with integrity, offering great quality. As a small business, massive consumer events like Black Friday make it difficult for us to uphold these ethical standards without succumbing to the pressures of compromising quality for discounts.

3. Supporting Artisan Craftsmanship: Every piece we create is a testament to skilled artisan craftsmanship. By opting out of Black Friday, we honour the time and dedication invested in each unique item, supporting artisans, and reinforcing the value of handmade, high-quality jewellery.


jewellery workshop with handcrafted jewellery by silverwood


5. Impact on Small Businesses: Black Friday's hyper-consumerism disproportionately impacts small businesses like ours. The discounts offered by larger retailers make it challenging for smaller, sustainable brands to compete, perpetuating an unsustainable cycle. We want to champion a fair and sustainable marketplace that supports the growth of ethical businesses.

6. Environmental Stewardship: Unfortunately Black Friday contributes significantly to environmental degradation, from non-recyclable plastic toys to e-waste and fast fashion. By abstaining from this shopping frenzy, we do our little bit to minimize our carbon footprint, avoiding the environmental toll associated with mass production and disposable trends.


we plant a tree for every piece of jewellery sold


So in conclusion, while we aim to offer quality jewellery at the right price, to stay sustainable we choose to encourage responsible and thoughtful consumerism. We aim to offer pieces where style is ageless, quality is strong, and our environmental impact is small.

During this festive season we are so grateful for our community who value this approach and who look for unique pieces as they support smaller handcrafted businesses. We can all do our bit and opt for a more sustainable and ethical approach to fashion and consumerism.

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