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woman planting trees in reforestation project with onetreeplanted and silverwood jewellery

Our Green Commitment: Helping to Plant a Sustainable Future

Every piece of Silverwood Jewellery sold is one more tree planted.

This week we planted some trees. Though our contribution may be small, we are grateful to be part of an impactful tree-planting initiative, made possible with the unwavering support of our customers. As some of you know, we support "One Tree Planted," an organization dedicated to global reforestation. So whenever you purchase a piece of Silverwood Jewellery, one more tree is planted.

Our mission has always been to blend creativity and elegance with environmental responsibility, and this is one of the ways we do it. At Silverwood, it's more than just about crafting contemporary wood jewellery; it's about contributing to a sustainable future.

Supporting Reforestation Projects Around the World

Our chosen charity, One Tree Planted, is a global force in reforestation, working alongside local communities, non-profits, and businesses to rejuvenate ecosystems across the world. From the Amazon rainforest to the mangrove forests of Asia, their projects are making a tangible difference. By joining hands with them, we ensure that our reforestation efforts extend to regions that urgently require attention. It's a collaborative endeavour that goes beyond the confines of our brand, reflecting a shared commitment to biodiversity, climate change mitigation, and the fight against deforestation.

Why Do We Prioritize Tree Planting and Reforestation?

The answer lies in the profound benefits trees offer to our planet. Trees are natural carbon sinks, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing life-sustaining oxygen. Reforestation not only helps combat climate change but also restores ecosystems, prevents soil erosion, and safeguards biodiversity. As a brand that uses and is inspired by a natural material like wood, we understand the urgency of addressing environmental challenges.


squirel climing up a tree reforestation project


A Holistic Approach to Creating Modern Jewellery

At Silverwood, we embrace a comprehensive approach, centring our efforts on crafting ethical and contemporary wood jewellery. Recognizing that our impact may seem modest in the grand scheme, we are steadfast in the belief that every endeavour contributes to a collective responsibility. Choosing us means more than adorning yourself with stylish accessories; it entails an active engagement in the construction of a more sustainable planet. Our customers are integral partners in this shared journey, forging a significant link between the enchantment of nature and the refinement of modern jewellery. For this we thank you.

Come join us as we persist in this expedition toward a more radiant and eco-conscious tomorrow.