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How to do a Capsule Wardrobe on Holiday

How to do a Capsule Wardrobe on Holiday

If you are doing some traveling over the summer and want to keep things functional without lots of luggage and all those extra baggage fees, you’ll need to narrow it down to some capsule wardrobe summer favourites. And we all know, it’s not always easy to pack light.

The key to looking your best with only a few essential pieces is versatility. Make sure whatever you pack into your suitcase is multifunctional. You’ll want to bring clothing that can take you from day to evening without too much effort. So here are a few essentials to think about.


capsule wardrobe holiday packing tips by silverwood jewellery


The dress: bring at least 1 dress, a dress that takes you from day walks to evening wear. When on holiday, you can keep it simple and flowing. The only thing you need to change to alternate looks is your shoes and jewellery. A simple midi dress with a pair of statement earrings and a gorgeous pair of elegant sandals will completely elevate your outfit for your evening event.

The skirt: a midaxi skirt should definitely be in your suitcase too. This is another very versatile piece that can help you change your look with a simple change of top. Wear it with a t-shirt for your casual city break, and match it with a pretty camisole in the evening for a completely different look. Then just add a swipe of lipstick and some nice jewellery to add the magic.


midi dress and skirt capsule summer wardrobe silverwood jewellery


Denim: a pair or two of denim shorts and/or trousers will always be a holiday staple. Change top and you’ve changed your whole look. Add the right shoes and a beautiful necklace, and even a simple t-shirt and shorts ensemble can look ultra stylish and cool. In the evening change to a delicate summer blouse and that’s all you need to do.

Sandals: Bring along a versatile pair of sandals, that can be worn with all your outfits from shorts to dresses, and that are comfortable enough to walk in all day long. They don’t’ take up too much place so if you’d like to take a more “dressed up” pair for your evening events, it will help transform your outfits from day to night.


summer sandals for holiday silverwood jewellery


Light Jacket: a light jacket or small cardi is also important to bring along, especially for the evening. Try to choose something that will work with most of your outfits, depending on what type of holiday you are on. If you choose right, you won’t need to bring more than one or two options like this.


holiday adventure with capsule wardrobe packing silverwood jewellery


Summer trousers: A pair of loose fitting summer trousers can be extremely versatile and comfortable enough to wear all day long. Even in the heat of summer, they can keep you cool while feeling stylish and elegant. Try to find a pair that will work with a couple of different t-shirts and blouses so that you can use them as often as you like.

Summer accessories: You probably already know, choosing a few essential accessories can make all the difference. Find a beautiful summer hat that you can wear at the beach or on your river cruise. The straw bag is a popular option also because it can work with practically any summer outfit. And of course, bring a few pieces of jewellery – ones that you can wear over and over and that can work with whatever you are wearing.


holiday pictures with silverwood jewellery capsule wardrobe


 If you prefer smaller more dainty jewellery, just a simple silver or gold chain with a small pendant will accompany many of your dresses and blouses. We love the Lana Small Bead Cable Necklace. It is a piece you can wear with practically anything and somehow it manages to stand out and look fabulous. It comes in 3 different wood colours too so that you can choose what works best for your skin tone. It adds colour without clashing with what you are wearing.


silverwood capsule wardrobe jewellery for your holidays


Otherwise, if you are more into your earrings, the Lana Bead and Tube Drop earrings are another great choice. They do make a statement, even though they are smaller than the Gaia Bead and Tube Earrings, which by the way, would make the perfect pair for a night out on holiday. Both these earrings, go big or smaller, will look elegant with anything, whether you opt for a dress or a boyfriend shirt.

Bangles are another great option for holiday jewellery, especially for city breaks and an evening at the restaurant. Choose from our Lana Double Bead Torque Bracelet (for him and her) or go bold with the gorgeous Iris Bangle, an all time favourite.


women friends selfie on holiday silverwood jewellery


Can you imagine yourself at that holiday destination now? Soaking up the sun, enjoying the beach, the walks, the cocktails and the beautiful summer evenings with friends and family?