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Embrace Empowering Fashion

What is fashion, and what does it have to do with empowerment?

Fashion is a language, an expression. It says so much about us, what we believe, how we live, how we view ourselves and the world around us. It is also a tool that allows us to feel energized and full of confidence. It can be inspired, beautiful, bold, unique, honest, and influential.

There is no doubt that confidence is an attractive and powerful attribute. So how can we make our fashion choices a personal and confident statement every time? How can we use style to communicate without even saying a word?

Below are a few simple steps to help you use fashion in an empowering and positive way:

empowering fashion women in mirror by silverwood jewellery

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels


Start by loving yourself

The first step is to feel comfortable in your own skin, loving yourself, your body, your uniqueness. Embrace who you are and use your style and fashion choices to communicate this, honestly and confidently. You may find that expressing yourself this way will become terribly exhilarating and exciting! This is not about perfection. It is about acceptance. It is about knowing without a doubt that you are complete and gorgeous just as you are.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with your body, just the wrong clothes. So, invest some time into finding what works for you. Find pieces that will show off your unique personality, with all the colour and flare that suits.

Dress for yourself

Don’t be afraid to dress in a way that reflects how you feel. If want to wear bright colours, what is stopping you? If you would rather tone it down, that’s ok too. But don’t ever be afraid to make it noticeable. Perhaps add a fantastic accessory.

Whatever you do, refuse to wear anything that makes you feel less than amazing. A simple outfit can do this just as well as a bold designer piece. But keep it personal and true to you. Before you walk out the door ask yourself “Am I dressing for me today?”

When you start confidently dressing for you, you will have nailed your empowerment style!


Let your wardrobe make a statement

Make sure that everything in your wardrobe is something you love and are happy to wear. Don’t waste valuable space with pieces that don’t really reflect who you are, or clothes you no longer feel comfortable in.

Buy less but buy better. Embrace a capsule wardrobe mentality, where every piece matters. Each item can work harder for you and, combined with the right accessories, can take on a life of its own and become something completely new.

Focus on style, lasting style, not just trends. Take the time to discover your own signature look and have some fun with it.


bold and colourful fashion statement by silverwood jewellery

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels



Don’t be afraid of colour

Colours can affect your mood, so add these to your daily looks. This can be done as subtlety or as loudly as you want. It will make you feel powerful and happy.

If you are new to this why not start by simply adding the right accessory. For example, a simple belt can bring the colour that completes the look, pulling it together with a touch of unique character. Start by adding one element of colour per outfit. Sometimes that is all it takes to create something spectacular that will stand out from the bland.


Bold statement silver necklace by silverwood jewellery

Photo by Elisabeth de Bezenac , property of Silverwood ®


Add bold jewellery and accessories

Make an entrance with a statement accessory. It is an easy way to bring your personality to the outfit and take it from average to fabulous. Make sure to remember those important pieces when considering your perfect wardrobe. These will add class and style in the simplest of ways.

Jewellery is such an easy way to make even the most basic look become noticeable. Wear a bold set of earrings with a simple monochrome dress and that outfit will suddenly scream individuality and confidence. Or add a statement necklace to make the look completely yours, unapologetically.

Why not include a gorgeous handbag, or a statement pair of shoes, and completely change and elevate your look. Whatever you choose, have a little fun with it and go for what you love!


Choose a wardrobe that speaks about your values

In a world where fashion has a huge impact on our everyday lives and on our planet, choose pieces that reflect your values. This is a massively powerful way of communicating what matters to you.

Aim to support those brands who are transparent and who care about their approach. Do your research and buy from companies that value sustainability, respectful trade, fair wages, and environmental responsibility. The good news is there are a growing number of super fashionable brands, many of them small, who are serious about being part of the solution. This means you don’t ever need to compromise on style. You will feel confident in the fact that your fashion choices have been made thoughtfully and responsibly.


Commit to trying something new and making it your own. You may learn a whole lot about yourself in the process. You can pull off almost anything if you do so with confidence. That is what effortless style is all about. So rock your style and have some fun because self-confidence is beautiful!



Written by Claire de Bezenac

Designer and Founder of Silverwood® jewellery

Top image photography by @barefashionuk