Responsible Fashion

Responsible and sustainable fashion is a point of growing discussion these days, with more and more of us conscious and concerned about how we respect our environment and how we treasure our natural resources.

There is a definite trend in jewellery and in fashion in general, of going back to nature.

Even the well-known luxury brands are showing us that jewellery does not need to be made from diamonds to be beautiful. In fact, some very simple materials like shell, wood and stone can be created into absolutely stunning pieces.

These humble materials are being elevated to a different status, as they are created into unique and trendy gems.

The other side of sustainable fashion is investing in quality over quantity. These days it may seem like a lovely concept we’d all love to aspire to, but with so much made available at incredible speeds, it becomes more difficult in reality.

But sustainability in fashion requires us to think more carefully about what we purchase, enabling us to make clear choices towards pieces we absolutely love and which we know we will want to keep and wear over and over again.

Sustainability also allows us to place greater importance on the craft that goes into all we wear, how it’s made, with what materials, in what conditions. With more thought being put into design and production processes, you can expect high quality from excellently handmade finds made by skilled and passionate craftsmen.

And the end of the day, it seems like an obvious choice.