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summer drop earrings by silverwood

Spring Summer Earrings Special

As the days grow longer and warmer, our fashion choices seem to blossom. I don’t know about you, but for me, it just feels easier to be more creative with style when the sun is out. That’s when we may often start looking at integrating more vibrant colours, lighter fabrics, and playful silhouettes.

So now let’s talk about jewellery.

Earrings, in my opinion, being a classic accessory, can play an important role in completing a look, and adding a touch of personality and flair.

woman with silver hoops on a bike ride


In this post I’d like to explore some simple ideas on what type of earrings to pair with different types of spring and summer outfits for various occasions.

For a chic city break, I think this is a great opportunity to opt for statement earrings that exude urban sophistication. For example, you can pair a crisp white blouse with wide tailored trousers and accessorize with geometric-shaped earrings. You’ll never go wrong using metallic tones like silver or gold. These stylish earrings add a modern edge to your ensemble without being out of place, perfect for exploring the bustling streets and trendy cafes of the city.

city breaks statement earrings


For a stylish day at the beach (assuming you aren’t planning a big swim) or a poolside summer soiree, embrace a classy yet relaxed vibe with minimalist hoop earrings in sterling silver or rose gold. You could look at our giant wood hoop earrings too for something a bit more unique. Or our Iris earrings for a contemporary touch. Style them with a flowy maxi dress in a tropical print or a breezy linen jumpsuit for effortless beach chic. These earrings add just the right amount of shimmer without overpowering your laid-back beach vibe.

large hoops for beach holidays


Embrace your bohemian spirit with tassel or fringe earrings paired with a free-flowing boho dress adorned with floral prints or intricate embroidery. These playful earrings in vibrant hues or earthy tones perfectly complement the relaxed and carefree vibe. Or you could look at earrings made from natural materials like wood, like some of Silverwood’s drop earrings. These styles of earrings are also an ideal accessory for music festivals, outdoor picnics, or garden parties.

boho style earrings for the summer


For a glamorous evening affair or cocktail party, opt for dramatic chandelier earrings embellished with crystals, beads, or pearls, or larger drop earrings. Pair them with a sleek cocktail dress in a bold color or classic black for a show-stopping look that commands attention. These statement earrings add instant glamour and sophistication to your evening ensemble, making them the focal point of your outfit. Look at Silverwood’s large drop earrings too from our Gaia collection. They offer a very classy but bold option.

cocktail party earrings


But we won’t be on holiday the whole time. When heading to the office during the warmer months, you’ll keep your look professional yet light and breezy. Choose delicate drop earrings featuring pearls or gemstones to complement your summer workwear attire. Pair them with a linen blazer, a pastel-coloured pencil skirt, and nude pumps for a polished and refined look that transitions seamlessly from the boardroom to after-work cocktails.

every day earrings worn in office by silverwood


And let’s not forget our casual everyday wear. Use jewellery to easily elevate a simple jeans-and-t-shirt ensemble. Try hoop earrings featuring intricate patterns or textured details. Whether you prefer oversized hoops for a bold statement or smaller hoops for a subtle touch, these versatile earrings effortlessly elevate your casual look with a touch of effortless chic. Or don a lovely pair of comfortable drop earrings that add a little colour.

In essence, earrings are not just accessories but also expressions of personal style, enhancing and completing your spring and summer outfits for any occasion with finesse and a bit of flair.

choose your statement earrings


Silverwood's earrings in silver and wood offer a unique blend of elegance and contemporary style, making them a standout choice for any spring or summer occasion. Their large or smaller drop earrings, adorned with silver accents and gorgeous wood beads, strike the perfect balance between chic sophistication and a bolder statement.

You’ll find most of our earrings are pretty versatile and transition nicely from day to night, making them an ideal capsule wardrobe option for travels and city breaks, office wear, beach outings, and more. You can go as bold as you want. The nice thing is that with many of our earrings, whether it is our Lana silver and wood drop earrings or our modern Iris silver and wood earrings, you can pair each of these with so many different types of outfits that you won’t need to bring your whole jewellery collection with you on holiday.

fun fashion earrings with personality